Welcome to the Infant Classroom!

Infants are so fascinated by the environment around them. With that in mind, we strive daily to give them a safe and fun environment where they can learn and play. We work on early memory skills as well as many other activities that help them grow and be the best they can be.

Language Development

Language Development makes early attempts at speaking. It helps learn to understand a variety of words by listening, observing, and engaging/ We use sounds and gestures to express needs, wants, and interests towards the children, it helps them to understand us.

Hands on Activities/Sensory

Hands on Activities/Sensory provide children the opportunity to learn how to problem-solve, compare textures, and work on their fine motor skills. Some of the activities that we provide include finger-painting and playing in the sand/water table. These activities help stimulate the child’s senses such as touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills-We provide the children the opportunity to use their gross motor skill (aka large muscles) assisting them with walking and climbing and, using push toys around obstacles. Infants increase their gross motor skills by crawling around and over objects and pulling to stand while holding onto furniture. Activities as such enable children to perform every day functions more efficiently.

Social Skills

Infants form an attachment to familiar adults. We talk to each of the infants and we ask them questions and that helps them get familiar to us. They are also beginning to interact with other children by rolling the balls to and from each other. Infants also express some emotions through sounds, facial expressions, and movements.