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Our Kindergarten program is geared toward giving your Kindergartener the tools that they need in order to succeed in their ongoing studies. We are focusing on improving their learning process and strengthening their language skills, reading and writing abilities as well as math skill essential for ongoing success.

Language Arts

As children grow, their communication skills grow with them through their interactions. We lead different projects that ensure the children are not just memorizing the letters and imitating the sounds but actually are building their vocabulary and as well as improving on their writing and reading skills.


In Kindergarten, the kids are fascinated by numerical concepts and mathematical thinking. They are introduced to numbers through play-based activities, crafts, and storytelling. The teachers create experiences for the kids to explore the different fundamental concepts of geometry, algebra and statistics. That includes counting and adding on an abacus and measuring and charting our classmates’ height, and jumping distance.


Kindergarteners are enthusiastic, engaged and curios for scientific discoveries because of how much they love to experiment. Our teachers develop science and technology opportunities for their learning environment to help them make queries, as well as test hypotheses. This is done by classifying and charting scientific properties of items, and participating in long-term experiments.