Snow and Closing Policies

As you all know, our mission is to ensure the safety of our children and staff during the winter season. In order to determine if the center is closed/opened/ delayed, please go to our website at, then click on the calendar. Postings will be made by 6:30am. There we will post our status with Open, Closed or 2 hours delay.

If we need to close early, we will contact you via email to come and pick up your child. Please make sure that you are signed up for our emails (sign up is on our website). We will make every effort to give you two hours’ notice, although that may not always be possible.

The Center may close at other times due to an emergency (e.g. a government state of emergency or loss of power to the facility). When the Center closes unexpectedly due to an emergency, administration will contact parents to pick up their children in a prompt manner.

The Center reserves the right to open/close/delay when the weather conditions become hazardous. We use Fairfax County Public Schools as a guideline (Please see below).

Fairfax County Public School’s website is You can register with their Keep in Touch e-mail notification system (see Fcps website for details). is also another resource you can use to check on FCPS closure status.