Welcome to the Twos Classroom!

Two-year-olds are hungry learners and our philosophy is to build our curriculum around their interests and needs. We provide the children with a variety of hands-on activities that encourage them to explore the world around them by using all of their senses.

Language development

Language development includes reading books aloud, using flash cards, telling stories using a felt board, singing and discussions about our theme provide more chances for children to take active role in expanding their vocabulary. When it to two year olds expressing their language, they have no problem because they are able to vocalize their needs, wants, thoughts and ideas.

Hands on Activities/Sensory

Hands on Activities/Sensory provide children the opportunity to learn how to express their thoughts and work on their fine motor skills (small muscles). We provide activities to enhance their development by finger-painting and playing in the sensory table. This also helps them develop self-esteem through self-awareness and a positive self-image.


Pre-Math aids in developing their cognitive skills. Two-year-olds learn important math skills from their play and routines. They show symbolic thinking with pretend play, and much more. To enrich and develop their skills, we offer activities that encourage problem solving such as sorting objects into groups, patterns and counting. Sorting shapes, and completing puzzles with eight pieces or less helps them understand more about shapes and sizes and what fits and what doesn’t.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills are the large muscle groups needed to allow children the chance to play on the big playground where they can kick balls, run, jump and practice doing an obstacle course. Beginning to stand on one foot and catching a large ball also improves their gross motor skills because it teaches them balance.

Self-Help Skills

Self-Help Skills Children begin learning to become independent on their own such as washing their hands, putting on their coat and picking up after themselves. Through these simple tasks, children are learning how to be self-confident and build their self-esteem as well. This can also be done at home by letting them do chores around the house such as putting their plates in the sink, and throwing away their trash themselves.